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Stone B. lab Product

Stone B.Lab Products

Silicone Flame Retardant Foam

The silicone foam is a two-part type of silicone RTV. It has the features of excellent fireproof, flood-sealing, and ventilation-sealing. It is designed to set up fire walls and fireproof zones in case of fire break. The rapid blocking of fire spread and toxic gases is critical to save lives and lessen damages. Mixing part A and part B at the same ratio of 1:1 makes a sticky liquid. It would be two or three times as big as the original mixture when it is blown and cured and become a closed-cell foam.

Features of Silicone Foams 실리콘 폼 특성
  • Fire stops
  • heat shields
  • gaskets & seals
  • cushions
  • insulation for a wide variety of applications
SBR-18FS 상온 경화형
엄격한 난연 테스트 조건에 적합하도록 설계되어 가혹한 작업환경에서도
사용할 수 있으며, 다음과 같은 용도의 제품 생산에 응용할 수 있습니다.
  • resistant to extreme temperature
  • resistant to UV
  • resistant to ozone
  • resilient to mechanical fatigue
  • excellent compression set
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